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Prairie Loft’s mission is to teach agriculture appreciation, outdoor education, cultural traditions, and the wise use of natural resources. We love sharing ideas with all kinds of people with all kinds of interests.

This page offers some of the links, tools, and resources that we have found useful in our programs so far.

Too see our education programs in action, check out the Prairie Loft YouTube page!

The Growing Season: A Story in Pictures (below)

These photos show a dry land field (no water used for irrigation) just west of Prairie Loft's property. It is farmed with a method called no-till where seeds are planted right into last year's residue. No-till increases soil tilth and water infiltration, suppresses weeds, and conserves moisture because the ground cover captures & holds snow and rain. It also leaves residue where wildlife can find shelter and food.

This corn is commercial yellow corn that will be used for livestock feed, ethanol, or even corn-based plastic. It could also be used to make corn starch, corn syrup, cosmetics, medicines, or even textiles.

This field is maintained by Weeks Enterprises.

2 weeks after planting

6 weeks

10 weeks

12 weeks

16 weeks

20 weeks


Finishing harvest


At Prairie Loft, we encourage educators, parents, and kids to get outside and learn about natural and agricultural systems where we live. Check below for resources and lesson plans to use in your own schoolyard or backyard. Check back for changes and updates!


Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

Thanks to Project Wild and Nebraska Game & Parks for resources

Preschool-2nd Grade

Shapes, Colors & Pictures

2nd-5th Grade

easy words Scavenger hunt.pdf

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt.pdf

5th-9th Grade

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt.pdf

Environmental Effects Walk.pdf

Living_Nonliving scavenger hunt.pdf

9th Grade-Adult

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt.pdf

Ecosystems Scavenger hunt.pdf